Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Tormented Artist?

People are asking me why I named my blog what I did. Actually, no one has but I know its coming so I thought now would be a good time to explain.

As an artist I have always felt it difficult to explain how and why I create my work. Since I studied
Girl Watching Ducks
photography as my "specialty" on my way to earning a BFA, I have always been thought of as a photographer, however that is not necessarily the case as I incorporate many other facets to my work, one of which is the use of photographic images. Much of my work also incorporates the use of digital media to create digitally designed and painted images (see image on the right). When people see my work, they like it but I feel it confuses them sometimes, as all they know is that it was"done with the computer" and don't realize the amount of work and vision that it took to create it.

It was thinking about all of this (as well as probably drinking a scotch) that led me to make my own famous quote;

"Artists are tormented because they have a vision no one else can see". 

I thought that quote was very appropriate (for myself anyway, as I'm sure other artists are tormented because they hear voices or whatever) as even though people look at my work and think it's nice, they don't see it in the terms I do, because if they did they would say "WOW!"

Anyway, I thought The Tormented Artist would make a great name for a blog, and lo and behold the URL was available, which I took as a sign from God, so here we are!

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