Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm back

So I know that the rule of thumb when you have a blog is to post regularly, but what I have to realize is that once every year and a half does not qualify as regularly. So I am re-committing myself to my blog because, well frankly, I have things to say and I know that you all have been waiting to hear me say them. Well, maybe not, but hey, you could humor me right?

Anyway, lately I have been reverting back to my good ol' days of photography with an exploration of black and white. I used to shoot primarily in black and white because I loved the simplicity of the tones and the richness of a higher contrast (referred to as chiaroscuro). This image is of my daughter during a recent concert and I love how the metals in brass and the blacks in thier clothes contrast so well. 

So, until next time which I promise will be sooner than a year and a half from now. 

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