Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

So according to Canon on Twitter today is #ThrowbackThursday and they posted this great pic of all of the old Canon Cameras in this tweet.

They were missing one however, my favorite and the one that made me love holding a camera and taking pictures which was the T90.
My Canon T90
Of course this made me think back to when I first learned photography which was while I was in college. My roommate at the time was a photographer and I had pretty much zero experience in photography. Hearing him talk about taking pictures (it didn't hurt that at the time he was taking a lot of pictures of girls)made me think that I might really enjoy that so he lent me his old Pentax K1000 to try out. So I tried it out and really enjoyed looking through the lens and seeing the world in a different way.

But then, he let me hold his T90 that he just bought and I fell in love. It fit so nicely in my hand, and it sounded awesome, like a robot machine gun. That's when I fell in love with taking pictures. So with my next student loan check I bought a used T90 (which was still real expensive), switched my major to photography and the rest is history but that T90 was my workhorse for more than 15 years until I switched to digital and it finally died. But as you can see, I still have it as a reminder of my early days of photography and of all of the great times that it has captured.

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